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Divine Instrument brings you a unique world of Spiritual Learning and Holistic Services where one can  explore the limits of their inner power that is almost ignored every moment. This inner power  also known as vibration or energy functions on it own and bring about a lot of good and positive results in our lives, imagine if we could take control of it and tap into it to maneuver the direction of  our life and make it better and peaceful, rather than just dreaming of a better life and prosperity.

Divine  Instrument stands out for its inception and facilitation is rightly established in the land of Spirituality,  in Uttarakhand of India! It is also commonly referred to as "Dev Bhoomi" in Hindi, which translates literally to "Land of Gods" and individuals from all over the world visit Uttarakhand, some in search of peace, some in search of magic and they all mean spirituality. 


Divine Instrument has taken extreme care to design, analyze, simplify and deliver the knowledge of spirituality in the form of multiple sessions, clearly titled and rightly delivered so that each participant learns the skills and builds the tools that they never knew existed. Under the guidance of Spiritual Coach Anupriya, and taking right advantage of her vast experience, DISHA (Divine Instrument's Spirituality & Holistic Academy) has now become a place primarily sought by many to experience the energies sent down by the Universe.


Grand-master master and Spiritual Coach Anupriya recently entered in to a collaboration with Express News Bharat to offer her professional expertise on the subjects of Tarot Card, Medication and many valuable concepts that falls under Spirituality and this is a way for her to expand her spiritual guidance to millions of people across India and aborad through the viewership of the said news channel. 

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Spiritual Coach Anupriya has a lot more to offer. Through her extensive work in the field of Spirituality and also gaining rich experience while performing consultation as life coach, she has helped many individuals, couples, elderly, kids and those special care, she's now willing to impart her knowledge and over the experience seasoned for over a decade and half is only here to add more value to your life! She's taking care to write the articles in a simple, understandable and presentable manner so that anyone who reads them can apply them easily without pitfalls. It is up to each individual's interest and practice how much blessing one can gather through these articles. Click here to read the articles.  

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